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Minister of Foreign Affairs Participates in the G20 Foreign Ministers' Meeting and Stresses the Importance of International Cooperation to Face Global Challenges

March 02, 2023

His Highness Prince Faisal bin Farhan bin Abdullah, Minister of Foreign Affairs, participated today in the G20 Foreign Ministers' Meeting in the capital of the Republic of India, New Delhi.

His Highness the Minister of Foreign Affairs delivered a speech at the first session of the meeting, which came under the title "Strengthening Multilateralism and Need for Reforms, Food and Energy Security, Development Cooperation", during which he valued the efforts of the Government of the Republic of India during its presidency of the G20 under the theme "One Land, One Family, One Future".

During the speech, His Highness Prince Faisal bin Farhan pointed the importance of facing many global challenges, including supply chain disruptions, debt vulnerabilities, persistent inflation, and the impact of rising interest rates, which affect the development scene in the world.

His Highness stressed the importance of resolving conflicts and political tensions that hinder effective action on global challenges, which increase economic fragmentation.

His Highness stressed that confronting climate change requires continued collective action and improving the speed and effectiveness of multilateral frameworks to adapt to changing environments and new threats, noting that the leading economies represented by the Group of Twenty constitute a unique situation in addressing these concerns, calling for the importance of directing the agenda of the ministerial meeting towards improving conditions conducive to dialogue and peace and reducing the negative effects of geopolitical competition on the global economy.

His Highness explained that about 8% of the global population is projected to still face hunger in 2030, and 660 million people would still be without access to energy, and it may delay the world from reaching the main sustainable development goals due to food and energy insecurity.

His Highness indicated the necessity of maintaining investment in all energy sources, including conventional sources, to ensure access and meet demand, noting that implementing the Circular Carbon Economy Framework endorsed by this group back in 2020, is the most affective and inclusive approach to achieve net zero emissions while building sustainable economies. 

His Highness the Minister of Foreign Affairs added that around 1.8 billion people live in fragile and conflict contexts, representing 24% of the global population, which necessitates the international community to accelerate support and mitigate instability that spreads beyond borders, stressing that the Kingdom will continue to stand with countries in-need, based on its leadership in providing humanitarian and development assistance.​

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