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Founding Day

The Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques, King Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud, has issued a royal decree announcing that February 22nd will henceforth be known as Founding Day, to recognize the foundation of the First Saudi State in 1727 by Imam Muhammad bin Saud.

Founding Day will be celebrated every year on February 22nd to commemorate the historical foundation of the Saudi State, whose history can be summarized as follows:

At the beginning of the fifth century, the Banu Hanifah tribe settled in the center of the Arabian Peninsula. This led to the establishment of the kingdom of Al-Yamama, centered in Al A'arid region in Najd, specifically in Wadi Hanifah.

 After the fall of the Rashidun Caliphate, the Arabian Peninsula became unstable and authority was fragmented. In 1446, Prince Mani' ibn Rabi'a al-Muraydi succeeded in returning to Central Arabia, where his ancestors had lived, and established Diriyah (merging the neighborhoods of Ghasyba and Al-Mulaybeed). This became the starting point for the establishment of the First Saudi state.

Over more than 280 years, the sons and grandsons of Mani' al-Muraydi contributed to Diriyah's continuing position as a major city in the region. On February 22nd, 1727, Imam Muhammad bin Saud became the ruler of Diriyah and began the establishment of the First Saudi State.

The Founder, Imam Muhammad bin Saud bin Muhammad bin Muqrin, was born in Diriyah in 1679. Growing up there, he witnessed and participated in the events of his father's and grandfather's time, when they ruled the Diriyah emirate, which gave him experience in governance.

When Imam Muhammad bin Saud became ruler himself, he endeavored to bring unity to the region by securing stability within Diriyah and the surrounding towns and tribes, and by protecting pilgrimage and trade routes. He also regulated and expanded the economic affairs of the state and fortified the walls of Diriyah.​

One of the main objectives of celebrating Founding Day is to encourage Saudi citizens to:

  • Cherish the solid roots of the Saudi State.
  • Cherish the close bonds between themselves and their leaders.
  • Appreciate the cohesiveness, stability and security established by the Saudi State.
  • Appreciate the resilience of the First Saudi State and its defense against enemies.
  • Appreciate the continuity of the Saudi State, as a reflection of the strength of its leaders and its deep roots.
  • Cherish the national unity of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia established by King Abdulaziz bin Abdulrahman Al-Faisal Al Saud.

Be proud of the achievements of the Kings of Saudi Arabia in building the country and strengthening its national cohesiveness and prosperity.

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