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Family Visit Request


 Service Description

This service aim to enable residents to send visit request of their first degree relatives like; parents, wife and kids.

The time required to implement the service: 3 business days
NOTE: In exceptional cases, execution of the request may be delayed due to some additional actions

 Service Beneficiaries

Citizen , Resident​

 Conditions and Requirements

  1. Complete the online form via Visa services platform and stamp it electronically and authenticate it from the Chamber of Commerce or from the employer.
  2. Enter all the data in Arabic except if​ the visitors are not from Arab nationalities, in that case their names should match their passports.
  3. For residents, they should have valid for residents.
  4. The visitors should be of first degree relatives
  5. Rresidents should have a work Iqamah not relative Iqamah.
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