Our Vision​                               

 Entrepreneurship in Saudi diplomatic performance for a strategic partnership to contribute to the formation of an international order based on justice and principles of common humanity to achieve a secure and prosperous world.


 Our Message

Formulation and implementation of the objectives of the Kingdom's foreign policy in  harmony with its principles in order to provide for the citizens and its national interests and contribute to the maintenance of international peace and security.

 Main Values

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs derives its core values from the Islamic social and professional principles as a key element in its organizational philosophy, and inculcate the values in employees and organizational units at all levels

The most important of these values:

• Loyalty to God and then the King and the nation.
• Serve and protect the interests of the homeland and the citizen.
• Dialogue and openness to the cultures and peoples of the world.
• Morality.
• Accountability and transparency.
• Initiative and creativity.