King Saud was Born in Kuwait on Shawwal 1319 on the fourteenth of January 190. He received the principles of  reading , Islamic education and science by of scholars of  Najd and was trained in the school of his father, King Abdul Aziz. In 1933 he became the crown prince.

 King Saud Achievements:

The Cabinet: He established the Council of Ministers (the Cabinet)  and assigned  Prince "Faisal"  as the Chairman of the Speaker of the Cabinet in July 2 in 1373 / March 7, 1954 m.

 Educational Renaissance:  The Directorate of Education was replaced by Ministry of Education and His Highness Prince "Fahad" was appointed as the  Minister Education.

 Urban Renaissance: one of the most  on the of the most reviving fields during king Saud time and included many projects, most important of which was the  expansion of the Prophet's Mosque project which was started  during the era of King Abdul Aziz, then the expansion of the Grand Mosque in Mecca. 

In 1377 / 1958 country was hit by a financial crisis due to  the circumstances in the Arab region at that time. King Saud  granted His Highness Prince "Faisal" the Crown Prince and Prime Minister a broad authority  to draw the country’s interior and Finance policy.

in 1384 / 1964 king Saud became sick and decided to travel abroad for treatment.  in the second day of Ramadan in 1384, January 5, 1965 king Saud  announced his abdication in favour of his brother king Faisal.

 His Death:

King Saud bin Abdulaziz died in February 23, 1969, Athens, Greece.