King Fahad bin Abdulaziz was born in 1921 (1340 H), he studied at the Prince's School and later at the Saudi Institute in Makkah Al Mukarramah.

King Fahad has broyght to his high office a wide range of experiences in a number of key posts:

  • In 1953 (1371 H), during the reign of King Saud, he was appointed the country's first Minister of Education, energetically contributing to the development of Education in the Kingdom.
  • In 1962 (1381 H), he was appointed Minister of the Interior, and in 1967 (1387 H) Second Deputy Premier.
  • In 1975 (1395 H) during the era of King Khaled, he became Crown Prince and First Deputy Premier. He became King of Saudi Arabia in 1982 (1402 H) following the death of King Khaled.

Throughout his political career, King Fahd participated in and led various Saudi delegations, thus acquiring the expertise needed to take important decisions in both domestic and international domains. His early activities included attending the U. N. inauguration meeting in San Francisco in 1945 (1364 H). He headed the Kingdom's delegation to the Coronation of Elizabeth II in 1953 (1371 H).


The New Government System

King Fahd has directed a giant advance in government restructuring in the Kingdom. On 1/3/1992 (27/08/1412 H) he announced the establishment of four new systems


  • The Basic Government System.
  • The Al Shoura Council System
  • The Provincial System
  • The Council of Ministers System.

On the strength of these systems and regulations the State's legislative and executive authorities are limited to specific terms, after which membership is renewed or new members are appointed for 4-year terms. The aim of the new systems is to tap the pool of qualified youths in the country. The Basic Law of Government confirms that the System of Government in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is a Monarchy. The Basic Law confines assumption of power to the sons of the Founder, King Abdul Aziz Al Saud and their offspring, with the oath of allegiance pledged to the most qualified among them.


It has been, however, in the field of international diplomacy, that Fahd bin Abdul Aziz as king has made his greatest contribution. Working tirelessly, he has brought to bear on the intractable problems of the region his own remarkable subtlety of mind combined with great tenacity of purpose to find, whenever possible, peaceful solutions, based on justice. In the pursuit of this goal, he was always ready to deploy the status and the resources of the Kingdom.

His Death :

King Fahd died on 1st August, 2005. He was succeeded by Crown Prince Abdullah.