Tourism in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia has cultural well-founded since ancient of stone ages, through historical and Islamic Ages in addition to the most beautiful booming regions culturally and urban and of palaces and forts, military and religious, old facilities and Findings antique and collectibles, and the finest paintings and engravings, which crafted by the ancients in a number of scattered areas of the Kingdom.
Saudi also known as  desert environment, and despite the fact that the desert represents the bulk of its vast area; however, the geographical terrain Arabia rich diversity, there are mountains, plains, hills and beaches along the Red Sea and the Arabian Gulf, and there are oases in the desert, and springs in the mountains, and atolls in the sea, and rural areas that scatter off on sides of cities and farms with palm trees. This diversity attracts residents of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia as well as lovers of tourism to explore them .
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