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Your use of this, "MOFA Supplier Portal", is expressly conditioned on your acceptance of the following terms and conditions ("Terms and Conditions"). By using Supplier Portal, you signify your assent to these Terms and Conditions. If you do not agree with any part of the Terms and Conditions herein, you must not use Supplier Portal​

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Terms and Conditions of using the Supplier portal

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) has developed the following rules and conditions for the use of the portal in accordance with the provisions and regulations of the Ministry, in addition to all applicable laws in Saudi Arabia.

The MOFA is keen on developing its relationship with suppliers, contractors and service providers, and on facilitating the contractual procedures by providing an automated system that includes all procedures related to suppliers, contractors and service providers to register, qualify, and receive purchase orders and billing.

(a) 'Contract' means an agreement or agreements between the MOFA and the Service Provider for the provision of goods and services to the MOFA

(b) 'Portal' means the Supplier Portal established and maintained by the MOFA to make easier the management of contracts for supplies of goods and services to the MOFA

(c) Save for the defined terms below, unless the context otherwise requires, any term in these terms and conditions shall have the same meaning given to such term in the Contract

When the supplier is informed of and accepts the automated system services and agrees to join the list of registered suppliers and abide by the MOFA's provisions of this agreement and other complementary agreements, it means that the two parties have agreed on the following:


The following words and phrases have the meanings shown below, unless explicitly clear from the text or if the context requires otherwise:

MOFA: Ministry of the Foreign Affairs is the first party of the agreement and the owner of the isupplier portal.

Supplier: is the natural or legal person or persons who are qualified to deal with the MOFA in the areas of contracting and supply of materials or the provision of services, and is the second party to this agreement. This also applies to the supplier representatives and people supporting him or replacing him with the consent of the MOFA.

(iSupplier) portal: is an automated system owned and operated by MOFA. The general functions of this portal is automating registration, procurement, contracting and billing procedures. It uses internet and other means to communicate with suppliers and has a number of functions, such as registration, invitations to compete, regulations, and so on.

User: is the person chosen by the supplier to represent him in the use of this portal.

Use: means logging into the portal and performing various functions such as registering property, distributing power, and sending and receiving documents and presentations…

Document: all handwritten or electronically written communication by any of the parties to this agreement to be integrated into the subject of the agreement such as data registration, invitations, terms and conditions, technical and financial offers, or any other communications relating to the agreement.

Qualification: The MOFA's inclusion of the name and data of the supplier within the list of contractors, suppliers or service providers to deal with in one activity or more, after the supplier completes the procedures and necessary requirements defined by the system.

Terms of Use

The MOFA gives all users non-exclusive, non-transferable license, to use this site and download the information only for their own use. The MOFA has directed the Service Provider to utilize the Portal for the purposes of managing the Contract and the Service Provider has agreed to do so. Access to and use of the Portal is provided subject to these terms and conditions. Any use of the Portal constitutes immediate acceptance of these terms and conditions. The Service Provider is only responsible for keeping up to date and ensuring the accuracy of the information entered into the Portal. Any required changes to the information entered into the Portal must be entered into the Portal as soon as is reasonably possible. MOFA shall not be liable for any apparent breach of the Contract arising directly out of the Service Provider's failure to maintain the Portal information.

MOFA makes efforts to ensure the accuracy and currency of information, and reserves the right to change the content at any time and without prior notice. MOFA does not guarantee to ensure accuracy, fullness, or the currency of information on this site.

The Service Provider must register on the Portal within seven days of the acceptance of the direction or Contract commencement, whichever is sooner. By registering with the MOFA, the user agrees to these rules and conditions, as well as the security and privacy document, and the information protection document.

Any invoice, purchase order, confirmation or acknowledgement, communication or other document correctly created and submitted via the Portal shall for the purposes of the Contract constitute a valid request for payment, notice or other communication under the Contract. MOFA shall not be obliged to make payments to the Service Provider under the Contract unless the Service Provider is registered on the Portal.

All materials on this site are protected through copyright. It is not allowed to copy, distribute, broadcast or use any information from this site without prior written permission from the MOFA. Any unauthorized use of copyrighted materials is a breach of the rules laid down for copyright, or registered trademark, or privacy or publicity.

Acceptance of the MOFA to the Agreement

It is agreed that the supplier who completes some or all of the requirements of registration in the system or accepts this agreement does not gain the right to adoption (licensing), and will not be considered a party to this agreement, unless the MOFA did not confirm otherwise in writing. It is also agreed that the supplier who is informed of his adoption and acceptance) by MOFA does not have the right to demand invitations for presentations, contracts, or other benefits.


The supplier is responsible to the MOFA for the information or documents filed or to be provided, and is responsible for their accuracy and obligatory format. The MOFA has the right to follow the means it deems appropriate to verify this information, and also has the right – without violating the provisions relating to confidentiality of information – to request the supplier or any other relevant entity concerned to clarify information or provide additional documentation supporting such information.

Implementation of Supplier portal service

The MOFA is committed to the implementation of electronic processes that the user performs, provided they are consistent with the terms and regulations. The supplier acknowledges that the electronic processes have the same force and effect of the operations carried out by documentation or in writing. Building on that, the operations or obligations that arise through the system are considered similar or complementary to the operations arising from documents mainly in the creation of liabilities. The system logs are considered conclusive evidence relied upon to rule on any disputes or conflicts arising between the supplier and the MOFA.

User codes and passwords

Upon registration in the system, the supplier is given a username and a password or a code, and undertakes the following responsibilities to the MOFA:

1. The main user is a legal representative of the supplier and has the right to the distribution of powers.

2. Maintaining the confidentiality of using the username and secret codes.

3. Using all available means to maintain the integrity of symbols and numbers, such as not writing them in computers, on materials or documents, or for media information.

4. Not to grant use codes to anyone who is not a direct supporter or representative authorized by him to enter the system.

5. Collect the pledges required of his supporters to maintain the confidentiality of such symbols.

6. Organizing the required records to distribute those symbols.

7. Turn off the main username or re-configuring it in order to give it to another user in the case the employee leaves the job or wants to change the user, or if the representation is cancelled for any reason.

8. Notify the MOFA immediately in the event of loss of main user or termination of the vendor relationship with the supplier.

Automating procedures

Through the system, the MOFA will develop automating procurement procedures and contracting in gradual stages. The supplier should adapt and mechanize his procedures in line with the MOFA's instructions, or in line with the requirements of the MOFA or at each applicable stage.

Responsibilities of the supplier

Without violation to the requirements or regulations and laws in force in Saudi Arabia, the supplier shall bear full responsibility for any damage inflicted by him or one of his subordinates to the system, and assumes full responsibility for any damage inflicted on the MOFA during the execution of any contract with MOFA.

Termination or cancelling the agreement

This agreement will remain in effect, and the supplier will receive a reference number. However, any of the parties to this agreement have the right to cancel or terminate the reference number of the supplier provided the following:

1. Cancellation does not affect the existing contract between the two parties for the implementation of a process.

2. All obligations of either party to the other have been fulfilled.

The MOFA has the right to cancel this agreement without notice to the supplier in cases of termination of the contract or agreements, withdrawing the work, or the occurrence of what is considered a breach by the supplier of any provision of this agreement.

The supplier can also terminate this agreement through a written pre-notification to the MOFA. To do so, contact us by e-mail at: 

Safety and Security

While dealing with the MOFA, the supplier and his supporters or representatives commit to all security and safety regulations, decisions and instructions from the MOFA. In case of non-compliance of the supplier to MOFA safety standards, MOFA is entitled to cancel the contract

Conflict of interest

The supplier undertakes to constantly avoid what is considered a conflict of interest and ensures the safety and accuracy of the statement he submits to the MOFA on conflict of interest and that the MOFA shall be immediately notified of any amendments that may affect the disclosure of the above.

Agreement Review

The MOFA, from time to time, might amend or change this agreement, therefore, the supplier should review its provisions on a regular basis for the purpose of matching. The continuation of the supplier in dealing with the MOFA or use of the system or non-objection or reservation on amendments is considered tacit acceptance of such modifications or additions.

Misuse of the site and legal violations

This site is used for legal purposes only. It cannot be used to commit any crimes. In addition, it cannot be used for harassment or offensive messages, including comments regarding the race, color, religious beliefs, political beliefs, country of origin, or sex of any parties.

Any attempts to avoid protection schemes, or discover areas to penetrate the security, decode information, or misrepresentation in any contact with the MOFA is completely forbidden. In addition, the MOFA prevents any attempt to change, modify, or delete any of the information, or the delivery of fraudulent messages, or any content prohibited by law.

As a user of the MOFA website, you are not allowed to create, run, or install any content that may contain malicious codes, viruses, Trojans, computer worms, or any other malicious software that might change, damage, or cut off the work of the website. Any attempt to tamper with the normal operations of this site is strictly forbidden.

The following or similar cases will be considered breach of the agreement, and such breach gives the MOFA the right to use all available means to recover its rights and prevent violation, including claiming compensation from the supplier, and the exclusion of his supporters:

• Privacy violations of the MOFA's employees, including attempts to access the account of another person or personal files

• Exploiting the MOFA's computer resources to threaten or annoy the computers of other users

• Using the internet in activities that violate the laws and regulations of Saudi Arabia

• Any attempt to write, produce, copy, or define computer codes designed for the possibility of self-copying, destruction, or performance obstruction of any of the computers within the MOFA.  Any program of such nature is considered a computer virus

• Any attempts to modify settings of the systems or hardware programs. Intentional attempts to disrupt or impede the performance of the hardware would be considered a criminal activity and is subject to the laws in force in Saudi Arabia.

• violating the current work ethics or applicable standards.

• Illegal entry attempts to the MOFA's computer or any other destinations.

• sending threatening letters.

• Sending annoying messages for discriminatory or sexual purposes.

• Embezzlement by copying electronic files protected by copyright (local or regional) without obtaining official authorization.

• posting or sending an email with private MOFA materials (electronically via, e-mail or otherwise) to a non-authorized person.

• Refusal to cooperate in the case of security or other routine investigations.

• Send a series of mailings in order to overload the email.

Legal responsibility

The MOFA will do its best to keep good relations with the supplier, and will seek to maintain the efficiency and high capacity of the system. However, the supplier exempts the MOFA or any of its affiliates or representatives from any liability, loss or damage to or related functions offered by this system,  such as; financial claims of the above communication system costs, presentation costs, loss of information provided by the supplier, not inviting the supplier to presentations, or delay in being informed or notified of the progress of deals.

The MOFA, will not be responsible for:

• Technical, machinery or software failures

• Incomplete, damaged or delayed broadcasts

• Lack of information as a result of any operation performed on this site

• Interruption or unavailability of network connectivity

The MOFA does not assume any responsibility for damage that may occur, related to the use or performance of this site and its content.

Denying access (barring)

The MOFA may prevent access to the website for any reason, including violation of the rules and conditions document, the privacy and security document,  or the information protection document.

Please contact the MOFA in the event of not being able to access the system to check the status of the supplier.

General items

Negligence or shortcoming from any parties in the implementation of any of the terms or conditions of this agreement shall not be considered as evading of these terms and conditions or the right at any time to compensate for any breach of these terms and conditions by the other party.

This document contains the entire agreement between the parties and supersedes all modes data or previous agreements, both oral and written with respect to the subject matter hereof. There are no agreements or other conventions of understanding to modify or extend the terms of this agreement unless written with consent and signed by authorized representatives of each party.

If there is one or more of the terms of this agreement that is considered incorrect or illegal or non-binding in one aspect; it should not affect the other items of this agreement. Those items are considered false, while the agreement must be applied and respected in accordance with the purposes and basic goals.

Applicable law and conflict dispute

This agreement and agreements thereto shall be governed by regulations in force in KSA, and is interpreted and implemented in ensuing proceedings thereunder, and every dispute arising from the application of this agreement or ancillary agreements will be referred to the Office of the Ombudsman for final decision if it is impossible to reach a settlement between the parties.

Document information protection

Since dealing with the MOFA may sometimes require exchange of information between the two parties, and since the parties are willing to make arrangements through which they ensure the protection of information from illegal disclosure, the parties have agreed on the following:

MOFA information

This agreement, relating to the information on the MOFA, concerns all information of whatever nature or kind which the supplier, managers, officials, employees, agents or advisers have access to directly or indirectly from the MOFA or by discussions that take place with the MOFA or one of its contractors, whether that was before or after the date of this agreement, in any form (including, but not limited to obtaining written, verbal, visual, electronic, magnetic, or digital means), taking into account that the term " MOFA information" should not mean the information that the receiver demonstrates as:

• Available information or exposed to the public is not considered a violation of the provisions of this agreement, or

• Information he already possesses, without any limitation or disclosure, or

• One of the parties has independently received information from a third party who has the right to full disclosure, or

• It was prepared independently and in good will by the employees of the receiving party who do not have access to that information, or

• What is revealed legally in judicial and governmental authorities, taking into account that in such cases the party must notify the other party before uncovering the information to the competent authorities, in order to protect, restrict, or keep that information from leakage. It must also be borne in mind that the party uncovering the information must only disclose those parts required, while making every effort to request  and obtain a guarantee that confirms that such confidential information will be dealt with at the level of not less than all confidential information that should not be exposed.

• Information revealed to a third party by written authorization, or

• Information confined to general concepts or skills or technical talents related to the computer or one of its program.

Exchange of information

The two parties - without cost - exchange information which they both consider necessary and useful for the implementation of the business generated from the basic agreement.

Confidentiality of the information

Each party to this agreement, agrees and commits to maintain the confidentiality of the information received from the other party and will not disclose it to any third party or use it except as necessary for the implementation of the projects or operations, unless such disclosure or use has been approved in writing by the party that submitted the information.

Each party shall agree with the other party to benefit from the exchange of information under this agreement for the implementation of only the basic agreement or contracts related and not for any other purpose (whether commercial or otherwise) for whatever reasons and justifications.

Information Protection

The receiving party shall maintain the confidentiality of information and to treat it with the same degree of protection given to his information and restrict the dissemination of the information to his related personnel who need to be informed for the implementation of the tasks related to the agreement of deals or projects.

Breach of Agreement

Each party acknowledges in front of the other and agrees that any breach of the terms and conditions of this agreement by that party would cause harm to the other party that cannot be compensated, as the financial compensation will not be considered adequate compensation for the breach. In the event of any breach or threat by any of the parties, the other party would have the right to seek an injunction from any court of competent jurisdiction to prevent the breach or the threat of it, as well as to prevent the party from violating or breaching the agreement.

And since any court order is considered as an additional solution, it does not restrict or impede the ability of the other party to the agreement to seek any other solution.

The commitment of staff to the Convention

The parties commit themselves to making every effort to ensure that they will comply and abide by the terms and conditions of this agreement as well as any other members who are informed in accordance with the provisions of this agreement, as if these workers and individuals are also parties to the agreement.

Confidential information

This agreement does not include any condition that would affect the obligations of the parties with respect to confidential information, where the term "confidential information" will be understood in the light of all the explained laws of this agreement.

Rights on ownership information:

Information remains the property of the party who discloses it, and the agreement does not include any item that might be interpreted as giving the right to the receiver to disclose or disseminate it, and does not give him the ownership right to this confidential information.

Return or retrieve information

Each party shall be bound to respect the written demand of the other party to return his information or destroy it along with all copies extracted.

The duration of the agreement

Validity and limitations set forth in this agreement continue as long as the dealing and work agreement is applied, and continue for one year after termination for any reason, except for items on confidentiality and protection of information which last for a period of not less than five years.

Those who succeed the party concerned

In the case of the entry of any of the parties in the process in a merger or partnership or any other reordering process, it is agreed that the party replacing it is committed to the implementation of the terms and provisions of this agreement.

Disclosure and dissemination of information:

The disclosure or publication of any information relating to this agreement or related matters should be agreed upon between the parties before execution.

MOFA privacy and security Document

The purpose of this document is to provide full security and privacy for all clients and visitors to the site of MOFA on the World Wide Web.

It addresses in particular the MOFA practices that relate to collecting and using any information from visitors to the website.

This document is an integral element to the goals of the MOFA in the promotion of Saudi Arabia to choose the best vendor/supplier. It is the commitment of the MOFA to fulfill its responsibilities towards the protection of the privacy rights of all visitors to the MOFA website.

Privacy protection -using and collecting personal information

MOFA wishes to emphasize the security precautions to protect the information that may be provided by any of the visitors to the site. Encrypted and sophisticated tools are used to protect all the information, to protect the website visitors and to meet all the legal requirements of the MOFA as well as the risks.

MOFA does not automatically collect the personal information given by website visitors, unless upon the consent of the visitor.  The MOFA also maintains the confidentiality of all collected information, except those required by law or stipulated to be disclosed by Saudi regulations, or as part of the requirements of the protection of the rights or property of the MOFA.​

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