Foreign Ministry activities of the eleventh session of the Canada - Saudi joint Committee , Concluded today where the Saudi side  headed by Director General of the Department of Economic and cultural bilateral relations at the Foreign Ministry Ambassador Abdul Aziz bin Mohammed Al-Aifan, while the Canadian side headed by the Director General of the Department of Middle East and North Africa in the Canadian foreign ministry  Ambassador Masood Hussain.


The two sides focused in the discussion on cooperation in the fields of health, transport, education, energy, electricity, food and medicine. The Joint Committee of the Canadian delegation visited also the Saudi government agencies concerned.


At the conclusion of the meeting , chairman of the Joint Committee signed the minutes of the eleventh session, where the two sides agreed to enhance cooperation in the field of training and scholarship of medical staff, and  exchanged  experiences  to intensify cooperation in the field of pharmaceuticals, medical devices and products.


In the energy field, both sides agreed on cooperation in the peaceful uses of atomic energy and renewable energy, and the exchange of expertise in these areas, as focused in the field of transport to intensify cooperation in the areas of training  and take advantage of the expertise of the Canadian side in it.


The Committee stressed in the importance of the private sector in the two countries and his leading role in the growth of trade and investment and the role of the Joint Business Council and the need to continue holding periodic meetings, to emphasize the importance of the establishment of trade fairs and the visits of the delegations of businessmen , which contributes to the definition of trade and investment opportunities in both countries.