​The Consulate of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in Houston, United States said that it received on Monday, October 31, 2016 a call from the Chairman of the Student Club at the University of Wisconsin indicating that Hussain Saeed bin Abdullah Al-Nahdi, a student studying at his own expense, sustained severe head injuries as a result of a beating by an unknown person, which led to his death.

The Consulate immediately dispatched its Head of Legal Affairs Dept. to Menomonie, Wisconsin, to contact the competent security authorities, find out more about the circumstances surrounding this tragic incident, and keep abreast of developments and progress of the investigations carried out by the security authorities.

Furthermore, a lawyer was appointed by the Consulate to handle all procedural, security, and judicial aspects of this case.

The Consulate contacted the student's family and the competent authorities to finalize the necessary legal procedures to dispatch the student's body to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia as soon as possible.

The Consulate of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in Houston expresses deepest condolences to the family of Hussein Al-Nahdi, May the deceased rest in peace.