In the name of the Saudi Arabian delegation, I have the pleasure to warmly welcome Mr. Kameel Kabata for responding to the Arab League invitation, attending this session and speaking to us about the situations & activities of the Arab World Institute as well as the Institute conditions and the support it needs.

Ever since its official inauguration in 1987, the Institute carried out several activities & intellectual contributions which aimed at familiarization with Arab civilization, richness & culture, a matter that made it a source of brightness and concurrent of both Arab & European civilizations.


Based on the Kingdom's recognition of the civilized role played by the Institute, it has provided several contributions whether during the establishment stage or in supporting its annually operational budget. As the Institute suffered during the recent years financial circumstances that affected its performance & efficiency, Saudi Arabia has responded to the proposal submitted previously by Mr. Kabata when he had taken over its management. The proposal states that Arab countries shall pay their arrears in lump sum and special fund that shall pay the Institute from its regular revenues.

In recognition of the critical Financial condition of the Institute, Saudi Arabian has paid off its arrears up to 1996 totaling Twenty Eight Million and One Hundred Sixty Thousand French Francs (FF 28,160,000).

During his recent visit to
France, H.R.H Prince Abdullah Bin Abdul Aziz has given a personal donation for the Institute totaling One Million US Dollars to help it meet its financial obligations.

Saudi Arabia, by fulfilling its financial obligations for the continuity of the Institute in playing its positive & important role based on the proposal presented by Mr. Kabata, which aimed at the financial reformation of the Institute, it calls on the other countries that have not settled their arrears yet to pay off their dues so that this civilized institution may go a head with playing its role and conveying its message which is of great concern to all of us.