In the Name of Allah Most Merciful Most Compassionate
H.R.H Sheik Jasim Bin Hamad Al-Thani,
Crown Prince, Qatar.
H.H. Dr. Salim Al-Hus, Lebanese premier, Mr. President,
Their Royal Highnesses & Highnesses, Ministers of Foreign Affairs
this Excellencies Dr. Ismat Abdul-Mageed, Arab League Secretary General,
Their Excellencies Delegates,
At the onset, I would like to congratulate you on your election as chairman of the current Session of the Ministerial Council and wish you every success in managing our works, as you are known for your competency & proficiency


This meeting of our council in Beirut in this month with the current circumstances has its extreme significance & importance based on the challenges & threats that brotherly Lebanon is facing. In this regard, thanks to the Lebanese government and Arab League secretary General Dr. Ismat Abdul-Mageed for their efforts aimed at holding this conference at this limited time.

Even though the 113th Session agenda contain many important topics & issues, which shall be examined, the Lebanese issue will be on top list due to the latest developments, which require from us a clear & strong stance in consistency with the critical & dangerous situation.

Dear brothers,

The position taken by the Saudi government with regard to
Lebanon constitutes to us a firm policy and persistent method where my country has never hesitated to back Lebanon & support it to overcome its problems & tribulation.

This meeting of Arab Ministers of Foreign Affairs in
Lebanon is a substantiation of the spirit of Arab solidarity and support for Lebanon. The frequent Israeli attacks against the Lebanese infrastructure & people will require not only denunciation & condemnation by the international community, but also taking deterrent measures against these disgraceful acts committed by Israel. These acts constitute flagrant violation to the sovereignty of an independent state and atrocious breaching of the international charters & mores and an obvious violation of April understanding signed in 1996. Israel has not satisfied with this behavior instead, it launched continuous threats against security & safety of Lebanon the latest of which was attributed to its Foreign Affairs Minister's outrageous statement against Lebanon a matter which may put on end to the current peace endeavors.

Mr. President,

Arab countries are required today to support
Lebanon with steadfastness represented by the Lebanese Resistance, which was the natural legal reaction against the Israeli forces.

Israel has recently announced its intention to withdraw from southern Lebanon this summer, we should take this matter precariously and verify the Israeli real intentions. In any event the Israeli behavior with Lebanon shall be deemed as a criterion on its credibility with regard to the entire peace process on its different tracks. If Israel withdrawal from Lebanon will be followed by shouldering Lebanon the responsibility for the so-called north Israel security, these giving the latter the right to express its rage & enmity this will be basically rejected. Actually Israel has failed to secure itself in the lands where it has sovereignty. Security may prevail in Israel when it prevails in Lebanon, Syria & Palestine. Peace concept shall come within the context of the comprehensive peace. The objective of the permanent peace based on the international legitimacy resolutions and the principles of Madrid will be met only through the concurrence of the Arabs tracks of negotiation. This will require the unconditional Israeli withdrawal from southern Lebanon, western Biqaa of Lebanon and occupied Syrian Golan Heights up to the borders on the 4th of June 1967 in addition to Israel's respect of its obligations & commitments with the Palestinian side.

In order to achieve all this, the peace two-patron countries shall keep this process in its right track as well as keeping land for peace principle and the return of the Palestinian refugees to their homeland.

Mr. President,

During his last visit to
Lebanon, H.R.H. Prince Abdullah Bin Abdul-Aziz stressed Saudi Arabia's full support for Lebanon. This meeting shall come out with a clear and open message through which we express our full support & solidarity with Lebanon in addition to our preparedness to provide Lebanon with support and backing.

May Allah the Al-Mighty help us achieve our goals of security, stability and prosperity.

Thank you