In the name of God, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful

And peace and blessings be upon the noblest of prophets and messengers.

Your Highness the Emir of Qatar Chairman of the Arab Summit

Your Majesties, Excellencies and Highnesses

Ladies and Gentlemen, Members of the Delegations

Peace be upon you and God's mercy and blessings

In The Beginning I would to express my thanks to Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa Al Thani, Emir of Qatar, and the Qatari people for hosting this summit. And I also would like to commend the confidence, the wisdom and experience of Sheikh Hamad is suffice to make the summit, which is held amid Arab and regional critical circumstances, a success.

Dear Brothers: Now I have the honor to deliver to your esteemed summit  a speech on behalf of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz,  may God protect him:

"Brothers, the leaders of the sisterly Arab countries,

As we gather to discuss the concerns of our Arab nation, as customary every year, the Palestinian issue remains top of our interests and agenda since the challenge is still existing, the rights were still plundered and justice is still missing.

The Arab Israeli dispute, which lasted for more than six decades, will continue to be flaming and tense unless the Arab Palestinian people in Palestine acquire their legitimate rights which were recognized by all international legitimacy resolutions, including their natural right to exercise honorable living in an independent state to be enjoying the elements of sovereignty, independence and territorial integrity. This could not be possible unless there is change in the Israeli government policies and its dealing with the solutions and initiatives on the table. Such endeavors were, instead, ignored by Israel's intransigent policies aiming to foil them and stripping them of their signification through imposing settlement policies, oppression, trimming of land, and continuous violations of the least humanitarian and political rights of the Palestinian people.

Out of this bitter situation, the Palestinian people and leadership are required more than any time before to overcome their differences and stand united leaning, in its struggle, on an Arab orchestrated front that should provide them with all kinds of support and assistance as we have already gone too far to prove our sincere interest and determination to reach fair, comprehensive and permanent peace which brings about security, stability and development for all parties.

The United Nations General Assembly's decision to grant Palestine a non-member observer status in the international organization has reflected the overwhelming Arab will before the world community, an achievement that we have to well exploit and build on to construct the other fundamentals of the independent Palestinian state along 1967 parallel with the holy city of Al-Quds as its capital with the aim to upgrade it to a full-member of the United Nations organization, God willing.

I don't think I need to illustrate the depth and dimensions of the Syrian crisis which witnesses continuous aggravation as the rhythm of killings and destruction practiced by the Syrian regime against the Syrian people is increasing with the use of various kinds of mass destruction weapons and whatever helping it to kill people, destroy the country and displace them inside and outside Syria. This takes place before the eyes and ears of the world community which has yet to make up its mind on how to face such crimes against Syrian human beings. We are still adamant to our belief that Al-Assad regime is pursuing its plot to foil any Arab or international initiative to solve the crisis politically, even though it might announce its acceptance of such initiative, as it is always opting to solving it through security and military means, given the fact that it was receiving its military might from sources everybody knows.

The continuous deterioration of the humanitarian situation due to the influx of the displaced and refugees would definitely have serious implications on the security and stability of the region unless the world community ends its division on this issue and provides the Syrian legitimate opposition with its political and material needs, fortunately that all the opposition factions are now orchestrated under the banner of the Syrian national Coalition as a sole legitimate representative of the Syrian people, both in the ministerial council of the Arab League or within the Arab summits. May I avail myself of this opportunity to congratulate the Syrian people on choosing their representative.

His Highness the President,

Dear brothers,

We have a wide-range agenda of our Grand Arab nation's political, economic, social and cultural issues and concerns, the most recent of which was the 3rd Arab economic, developmental and social summit held in Saudi Arabia and issued a number of resolutions aiming to further enhance Arab development and promote economic integration. Riyadh summit's outcome was complementary to the decisions of Kuwait and Sharm Al-Sheikh previous summits as they touched the needs of Arab citizens and met their aspirations. However, reaching the targeted goals of those decisions requires a qualitative leap in the method and style of joint Arab Action including the restructuring of the Arab League to enable it cope with the developments and changes of today and eliminate the obstacles and defaults that obstruct the joint Arab action path and hinder the implementation of the Arab League resolutions. We think that Arab Convention and Charter reached by the Arab leaders at Tunisia Summit has included a number of basics and principles that constitute a tributary to the joint Arab action course based on seriousness and credibility, a thing we direly need to deal with the current troubled situation.

Finally, I appeal to Allah Almighty to help us succeed in our endeavors to achieve the hopes and aspirations of our nation.

Alsalamu Alaykum Warahmatu Allahi Wabarakatu."