"In the name of Allah the Merciful
Praise be to Allah and peace and blessings be upon His messenger
Your Excellency Sheikh Hamad bin Jassim bin Jabr Al Thani, Prime Minister and Foreign Minister,
Your Highnesses and Excellencies the Foreign Ministers,
Your Excellency Secretary General of the Arab League,
Brothers attendees,
Peace and Allah's mercy and blessings be upon you
I would like at the outset to extend to the brothers in the State of Qatar, words of thanks and appreciation for what we have received since our arrival to this brotherly country of hospitality and good reception, praying to Allah Almighty to crown our efforts with success.


It is noted that the agenda of the summit is a brief one compared to previous summits and this is consistent with commendable trends for the Arab summits to discuss and focus on key issues, especially since the Ministerial Council of the League at its regular sessions touches on all subjects without exception, discuss them in full detail and take appropriate decisions on them. This step comes in line with efforts to develop the performance of the Arab League, allowing the Arab summits to come up with well-thought decisions that are easy to implement and follow-up.
In this context and after reviewing the report of the Presidency of the Summit on the activity of the commission of the follow-up of the implementation of decisions and commitments, we express our thanks and appreciation to the chairman of the Commission and its members and the Secretary General of the League for their good efforts to follow-up what was approved by Baghdad summit and the recommendations by them regarding their implementation.
"We agree with the report's recommendations, especially those that are calling for the need to provide a feasibility study on the draft resolutions which include allocations of payments or financial contributions, before their presentation to the Arab League Council at the ministerial level or the Summit, to be considered adequately and to take the appropriate decision regarding them.
This summit comes after the recognition of the State of Palestine as a non-member observer state at the United Nations. This international recognition of Palestine necessitates that the Summit shall take decisions to enhance the status of the Palestinian state, and strive to push the United Nations Security Council to quickly take necessary recommendations to accept Palestine as a full member of the United Nations.
Emanating from this position, the last ministerial session of the Arab League issued a resolution that mandates the Arab Peace Initiative Committee to re-evaluate the Arab position about the peace process in all its aspects, and to reconsider the feasibility of the Quartet and the international approach in dealing with the Palestinian issue and the Arab-Israeli conflict in order to change this approach to terminate Israeli occupation of Palestine and other occupied Arab territories. Presumably, the committee shall submit its report and recommendations to the Arab League Council in an emergency session for consideration to be presented to the Arab Summit.
This decision constitutes the best solution to overcome the status quo in dealing with the issue of the Arab-Israeli conflict to introduce a new style based on ideas and concepts other than those that prevailed in the past era.
"We're categorically rejecting Israeli settlement activity, which we believe is an attempt to undermine the two-state solution by isolating Palestinian towns from each other and encircling Al-Quds with settlements. We are also rejecting plans that seek to Judaize the city of Al-Quds, especially Al-Aqsa Mosque. We call on the international community to stop those practices that undermine any action towards reaching a just and comprehensive solution to the Palestinian cause.
Emanating from its keenness on implementing the decisions of Arab summits, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has met all its commitments towards supporting the budget of the Palestinian Authority, especially the decisions approved by Baghdad Summit regarding the establishment of an Arab financial safety net to support the Palestinian authority and its institutions. In this respect, we call on the international community to pressure Israel to deliver money owed to the Palestinian National Authority and to stop this unfair practice.
For more than two years, Al-Assad regime has been inflicting injuries on and killing the Syrian people. Since the outbreak of the crisis, Arab and international initiatives and meetings were launched at all levels to immediately stop the killings and destruction practiced by the Syrian regime against its own people and country. We regret that since the start of the popular uprising in Syria, the United Nations Security Council has been unable to do what is expected in accordance with its Charter and in line with the logic of justice and responsibility of the Security Council, with regard to maintaining international peace and security. All these happen while Al-Assad regime continues procrastination and follows a policy of killing, using all types of deadly weapons assisted by the support of some parties, and this resulted in an increase in military operations and a decrease in the chances of reaching a political solution.
"The development of Arab region is linked to progress in social and economic aspects. In our meeting, it is important to emphasize the importance of following-up on the implementation of the decisions and initiatives of Arab economic and social development summits held in Kuwait, Sharm el-Sheikh and Riyadh, including the initiative of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz Al Saud which called for an increase in the joint capital of Arab institutions of no less than 50%, as well as other decisions that touch the needs of Arab citizens in terms of providing jobs, reducing unemployment and poverty, and eliminating epidemics and diseases.
Finally, I once again thank the brothers in the State of Qatar, and I ask Allah the Almighty to grace our meetings with success.

May Allah's peace and blessings be upon you."