The Ministry's pavilion has a new design which is creating a large old-fashioned tent yet modern in an area of 650 sq. m. It includes several wings, namely:


1- The wing of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs electronic portal which provides information and services for visitors of the website, including electronic visa services. The portal's wing will be more interactive due to the connection of the wing with the satellite internet services through the Ministry's satellite center.



2- The documents wing includes 200 documents of the scarcest political and historical documents, as well as a number of rare pictures reflecting the diplomatic movement since the establishment of the ministry.


3- A wing to describe the new Ministry logo.


4- The Consular Section which explains travelling restrictions and traveler's guide, as well as the number of Saudi Missions worldwide and accredited embassies to the Kingdom. The section also explains the services of the nationals department abroad.



5- This year's exhibition includes eighteen artworks of the Ambassador's Contest for Photography, which were acquired by the Ministry and sponsored by His Royal Highness Prince Khalid Al-Faisal, Governor of Makkah Region, in addition to ten artworks of the Ambassador's Contest for Fine Art in its first and second exhibitions. It also contains the awards and shields the Foreign Ministry received for photography, the visitors record and the opening of this exhibition by the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques in Berlin, Germany.


6- The pavilion includes the wing of the World Day Campaign for Blood Donation, as well as the celebrations of the National Day in the missions abroad.


7- Diplomatic Institute wing which provides the Outstanding Attaché program and the Future Plan. In addition to a preview of this year's courses.



8- Pictures of eight of the Kingdom's missions buildings abroad in different designs.



9- At the end of the visit there is the communication department through which the ministry can transpire the reactions of visitors of the best department, as well as handing souvenirs.