As a guest of honor in Al-Janadriya 28th festival, Chinese embassy in Riyadh issued a report stating that, National Festival for Heritage and Culture (Al-Janadriya) is one of the most important festivals in the Gulf region and the Arab world. And praised Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz Al Saud care for this festival since it started in 1985, and his continuous sponsorship to the opening ceremony of the festival .

And confirmed that, in order to strengthen the bonds of friendship and promote cross-cultural communication and friendly ties between the two countries people’s republic of china have had the privilege to participate as a state guest of honor at the 28th session of the National Festival for Heritage and Culture for the year 2013.
“China is a country shining beauty”  will be the title for the Chinese wing reflecting the country’s culture heritage and civilization, through exhibits inside and outside the wing and a seminar on the deep Saudi Chinese ties.
The report pointed out that Chinese participation in the festival "guest of honor" emerge from the theme "post culture with the world" as a hub head of design presentations that highlight the Saudi people and visiting delegations of Chinese culture lively, which combines tradition traditional antique and creative development of modern, indicating that these events will be an opportunity to pursue the pompous dialogue embodies the conflict between tradition and modernity and fit together the tradition with creativity.

She Chinese embassy stated as well in its report that the Chinese wing at the Festival is a three parts  2000 meters square which embody the themes "creation civilization" , "participation of civilization" and "cultural exchange. While the exhibition is divided into four chapters " silk embroideries " ,  " tasting sweet and vintage ", " Land of discipline and civility "and" skip Ages through and eras "to show the magic of traditional Chinese civilization. And the source of Silk Road culture between China and Saudi Arabia, the beauty of modern Chinese civilization, and the development of Islamic culture in China, in addition to the friendly exchanges between the two countries since the establishment of diplomatic relations 22 years ago.

The report went on to say that the Chinese wing activities will not be limited to traditional and modern exhibits, but will offer Chinese fine art in the open air, such as dragon, lion and Tai Ji dance and Kung Fu show and other spectacular performances, at the same time " the Chinese culture day"  will be held, including tea drinking day, ceramic art day , Han fashion day, handwriting day, and Ta Ji day and others. There will also be a joint plastic art creation  between artists from China and Saudi Arabia which  are interested in the participation of viewers and their response to the activities.
A press conference was held last Monday and was attended by officials from the Chinese Ministry of Culture, Beijing municipality and organizing committees, in addition to the Saudi Ambassador to China, Yahya Al-Zaid, and representatives of agencies that will participate in the festival, announcing  the official launch of its activities within Al-Janadriya Festival.

Famous Chinese actor "Jackie Chan" Chan received a certificate appointing him as an honorary chairman of his country’s wing  at the festival.
The Saudi ambassador and deputy director of the Foreign Relations Department of the Ministry of Culture Zhang Ping exchanged  works of Chinese calligraphy reading " China is a country shining beauty " is the slogan adopted by China to its wing at the festival.

The Chinese embassy in Riyadh said that the famous Chinese actor "Jackie Chan" will be present at the Chinese wing at the festival as Chairman of honor of the wing.