Ministry of Social Affairs wing in Al-Janadriya sheds  the light" on social security, social welfare and sustainable social development through over 21 programs provided by more than 100 social institution under the ministry from all over the Kingdom. A number of craftsmen is participating in knitting, beading, carpentry, blacksmithing, drawing on the sand, pottery.  vocational rehabilitation center is also participating in the activities.


The general supervisor of the ministry in Al-Janadriya Mr. Ali Al-Khalaf stated that ministry of social affairs will be displayed differently this year, many creative and positive updates will be will take place to highlight the activities of the ministry on various aspects.  He pointed out that prominent  space is allocated for Social Security agency offered for  beneficiaries , as well be displayed. Nine social affairs administrations from different regions in the kingdom will present activities offered in the areas of welfare and development.
ministry participation this year Focuses various family products  ranging from traditional cuisines crafts, carpentry clothes and jewelry making to be displayed in the festival .
A wing is dedicated  for the handicapped recognizing their talent and abilities in designing and planning for their own projects.
The ministry never overlooked  role of education and social welfare as it is not limited by age and pattern. Child-care institutions and day care centers that provides medical care, social psychological and educational services for paralyzed and disabled children, to develop their abilities and to display  number of their work.
ministry of social affairs’ various exhibits focus on introducing sustainable social development through ministry’s  social windows represented by  social development centers .
The ministry also presents the functions of the civil social development committees that aim at achieving social communication between community members and strengthen fraternal relations among them as well as to employ their energies for the benefit of all members of society.
Global Goodness project sheds the light on the Ministry of Social Affairs’ project , aiming at linking all associations with donation electronic system, to serve a large segment of society in how electronic donations system works. While Charity Committee for Orphan Care offers a simple definition for the visitors on their services provided for orphans.
A stage dedicated  in the outer area of the wing for children interests and their role in society, offering programs, activities and special events for them. Another stage assigned for productive projects to display productive projects and craft produced by families under the supervision of the ministry, through social security and charities and social development committees.The ministry also organizes a number of sport activities for the handicapped and orphans .


According to the general supervisor of the Ministry’s  participation in Al-Janadriya. Ministry of social affairs gives more than 50 publication ranging from books, pamphlets, brochures, media files  to advertising gifts, seeking  to provide correct information about ministry’s full services and activities as well as raising community awareness of those efforts.