The United Arab Emirates  will participated in the activities of 28th session  of the National Festival for Heritage and Culture "Janadriya" which will be held in Riyadh from the 3rd to 17th of April next in a large wing overseen by the Abu Dhabi Authority for Tourism and Culture in collaboration and coordination with the various agencies and institutions involved in tourism, culture and heritage in UAE.


The Director of the event’s Office in the Abu Dhabi Tourism and culture Authority and the Chairman of the Organizing Committee for the states wing Faisal Sheikh stated that participation ofEmirates which is considered  the largest among previous "Janadriya" sessions  reflects the depth of the remarkable  cultural relations  between the UAE and Saudi Arabia, noting that one of the priorities of participating promote knowledge Emirates heritage.
He added that this participation emphasizes the harmony of values, traditions and customs in the Arab Gulf states, particularly the aspects of popular heritage of the gulf including traditional bands , handicrafts and traditional crafts relating them to the present and preserving them forfuture generations as they represent the creativity of human traditional heritage of the UAE and the Gulf region in general.
He stressed  the importance of Emirates participation as a cultural event, pointing out that the architectural design of the UAE session at the festival in the embodiment of “Hosn” Palace reflects the significant of  this historical place as a source of pride and a link between the past and the present.
The Director of the Office of events - which took over management of the Hosn palace festival– stressed that the participation in the Festival objectives and its implications integrates with those of "Hosn" palace festival..
The director of heritage activities of UAE wing at the festival in the Department of abstract Heritage at the Abu Dhabi Authority for Tourism and Culture MR. Saeed Al Kaabi, Stated  that the wing embodies authentic Emirati heritage and close ties to the local environment .
He also said that the "Hosn Palace"  model embraces the various Emirati culture including the rich heritage and folklore, pointing out that the wing hosts a variety of activities and events ,  as well as short Emirati movies and Photography which displays some of the most important achievements of the United Arab Emirates in the field of tourism and cultur.


UAE  wing in "Al-Janadriya" emphasizes an important and vital aspect of  the Emirati history with more focus on the heritage of the country through its design which is represented by "Hosn" Palace model that embraces the rest of the wing staff, which in turn represents different aspects of rich emirate heritage.