​In order to ensure the kingdom ‏’‏ s government support for its nationals and residents, in line with international requirements, the royal decree No. 10130 Dated 1-3-1439 A.H. included in the article Fifteen of the mechanism of implementing Security Council Resolutions under Chapter VII of the UN Charter which are related to the prevention of proliferation of weapons of mass destruction and its financing, that any entity or person whether a national or a resident listed by the Sanctions Committee or the Security Council has the right to make a De-listing request. 

In this context, a division was established under the supervision of the committee to receive de-listing requests, study them, and provide help to ensure completion of the de-listing requests. After that, forwarding the requests to the Sanctions Committee in the Security Council. 
The committee would be glad to receive all de-listing requests and provide advice- except names listed in Al-Qaida and ISIS Sanctions List- you can contact secretariat of the committee through e-mail: 
The committee will reply after studying your requests, and when information and grounds of the request are completed the committee will forward it to the Sanctions Committee in the Security Council.