The Consolidated List includes all individuals and entities subject to measures imposed by the Security Council. That does not mean that all names are listed under one regime, nor the same criteria. For each instance where the Security Council has decided to impose measures in response to a threat, a Security Council Committee manages the sanctions regime. Each sanctions committee publishes the names of individuals and entities listed in relation to that committee as well as information concerning the specific measures that apply to each listed name.

    In this regard, the permanent committee that is responsible for implementing Chapter VII Resolutions, contacts the sanctions committees that are established by the Security Council to seek a clarification if needed or to add or remove the names of persons or entities on the sanctions list after studying each case and discussing it with sanctions committee - 
   It has also the right to give instructions to the Saudi authorities to amend a certain freezing measure or lift it, and receives requests from persons or entities requesting de-listing from sanctions lists. 

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