​​​​In the case of emergency, God forbid, you can request for help at any time from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Unified Contact Service Center by following the below steps:

1.       Call +966920033334 Extension 1
2.       Provide the Center staff with your personal contacts and emergency details

The Center staff will then register your name and information and send it to the relevant embassy or consulate which will contact you to serve you. You will also be provided with the reference number as a reference that can be used later for follow up.

**The Contact Center currently covers: Bahrain - Kuwait - United Arab Emirates - Oman - Qatar - Jordan - Australia - Republic of Lebanon - Republic of Greece - Republic of Turkey - Federal Republic of Switzerland - Republic of Albania - Republic of Ireland - Republic of Italy - Republic of Portugal - United Kingdom - Republic South Korea - Japanese Empire - Kingdom of Malaysia - Republic of India - Republic of Singapore - Kingdom of Denmark - Republic of Ukraine - Republic of South Africa - Republic of Kenya - Kingdom of Belgium - Kingdom of the Netherlands - Hong Kong - Romania - Kazakhstan - Brazil - Argentina - Sri Lanka Denmark, Finland, Vietnam, Kyrgyzstan, Mali, Bolivia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Georgia, the United States, the Republic of Moldova, the Republic of Korea, - Liberia - Cambodia - Ghana - Uzbekistan - Burkina Faso - Guinea - Tunisia - Pakistan - Senegal - Philippines - Ethiopia - Spain. And will be covering the rest of countries later.