​Saudi Arabia condemns the international community for its ongoing disregard for the Syrian crisis and its inability to defend or protect the Syrian people, Saudi Permanent Representative to the UN Ambassador Faisal Bin Hassan Trad said in comments to the International Commission of Inquiry on Syria being held by the Human Rights Council.

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has expressed its resentment of the international community’s full ignorance of the lives of Syrians violated by Bashar Al-Assad’s regime and its inability to preserve and protect them, during the interactive dialogue held here today by Human Rights Council with the International Committee on Inquiry in Syria.

The Ambassador of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to the United Nations in Geneva Faisal Trad said that the Kingdom was briefed on the Committee’s report and its briefing to the Council on persistent, renewable and systematic violations of the case of human rights in tragic and wounded Syria.

Ambassador Trad asked, ‘Is the killing of nearly 350,000 Syrian citizens, the displacement of about 8 million, seeking refuge by more than four million, and the destruction of a civilization dating back thousands of years, are not sufficient so that the international community, particularly the Security Council, assumes its responsibility with courage to save what remains of the brotherly Syrian people who are exposed with the testimony of everyone to genocide by Bashar Al-Assad’s regime.

Ambassador Trad stressed the Kingdom’s strong condemnation of all these violations and abuses committed by the Syrian regime and the latest one, the massacre in Duma market which resulted in the deaths of hundreds; as well as continuing use of toxic chemicals in attacks by explosive barrels in Idlib province during the months of April and May this year.

He said, ‘The Kingdom, since the first day of the suffering of the Syrian people, has opened its doors to receive and house them, but not in refugee camps or sheltering centers for fugitives, whereas it dealt with the subject emanating from purely religious and humanitarian aspects to preserve their dignity and safety. The Kingdom has received nearly two and a half million Syrian citizens since the start of the crisis, given them complete freedom of movement, provided for those who want to stay in the Kingdom whose number reached hundreds of thousands with all facilities with all their consequent rights in free health care and engagement in labor market and education, where there are currently more than 100,000 Syrian students studying freely in the Kingdom.

Ambassador Trad pointed out that the Kingdom believes that the political solution to the Syrian crisis based on the Geneva 1 principles to form a transitional governing body, the preservation of Syria’s national and regional unity, and the preservation of the Syrian state’s civil and military institutions to enable them to administer the country’s affairs, will not succeed without the departure of Bashar Al-Assad, not to be included in any future arrangements, the withdrawal of all foreign forces including Hezbollah, and Iran’s stopping of interfering in the internal affairs of countries in the region.

He stressed the importance of supporting the recommendations of the International Committee on Inquiry to bring Bashar Al-Assad and his aides for trial for the issuance of penalties they deserve for the war crimes committed by them and ensuring that they do not escape punishment.