​The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia confirmed that it was among the first countries of the world who voiced and provided support for human rights and offered respect to all international charters in accordance with Islamic Sharia law that guarantee human rights, and protect his/her blood, money, honor and dignity.

In a speech before the Human Rights Council in Geneva today, Faisal bin Hasan Trad, the Kingdom's Permanent Representative to the United Nations in Geneva, said that although such efforts were clear and made available to individuals, organizations and states, the government of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia noted that some human-rights-related reports and some countries which try to build fake situation through emptying the contents of human rights from their noble significance and politicizing them, have opted to neglect the cultural and religious privacy of individuals and nations and instead, attack their basic rights and, using a double standard, close an eye towards the religious and cultural identities of others.

Anyhow, such violations, including the call for gays so-called rights, country's sovereign right, degradation of Islamic Sharia law, tampering with the country's judiciary system or its fairness is considered fragrant interference in its internal affairs, and absolutely unacceptable.

Ambassador Trad said the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia condemns others continual sarcasm of the Islamic religion and the character of our Prophet Mohammed (pbuh) under the pretext of freedom of opinion and belief or as a reaction of any action, including terrorist acts attributed to so-called Islamic organizations or groups who actually never represent Islam.

He said deliberate defaming of the religion embraced by more than 1.5 billion population is not acceptable or justified.

He went on to say that it is known that true Islam calls for good, amicability, observation of human life and dignity, tolerance and co-existence and rejects sedition, chaos and struggle.

He expressed the Kingdom's objection to a draft resolution regarding the gays right, saying it is totally and absolutely rejected.