The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia stressed the importance of the role of the United Nations Fact Finding Committee in reporting the violations committed by Syrian authorities against the Syrian people.

The Kingdom demanded in a statement delivered by His Excellency the Kingdom's permanent representative to the United Nations in Geneva, Dr. Abdulwahab Attar during the interactive dialogue of the Human Rights Council with the International Mission for Truth in Syria, the need to unite the international reaction to save what can be saved in Syria.
Dr. Attar clarified that the President of the International Mission has presented important information confirming the deteriorating situation of human rights in Syria, which refer to the occurrence of crimes against humanity committed against the Syrian people by the regime forces, including murder, torture and indecent assault and forced disappearance and other inhumane acts.

He also stated "The tragic humanitarian situation in Syria is constantly aggravating. Saudi Arabia confirms again and again that the negative international attitude in preventing the Syrian regime’s systematic mechanism of murder and oppression has worsened the situation and the deepened the tragedy," noting that the international community is still reluctant to enable the Syrian people to legally defend themselves, in accordance with all laws and legislations.
His Excellency clarified that due to the continues support from some international parties, the Syrian regime insists on imposing  a military solution regardless of the innocent bloodshed and the destruction of the country, and still uses destructive weapons such as firing Scud missiles and heavy artillery on civilian areas.

The Kingdom's permanent representative to the United Nations in Geneva asserted that the situation in Syria has reached a tragic point which makes it imperative for everyone to cooperate and support the Syrian people end the ordeal, and to work on the transfer of power by all possible means.