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Renewing Passports
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​Renewal of passports for Saudis abroad either because the passport has expired or the pages are filled.  

Conditions and Requirements
  • An embassy or consulate may be chosen based on your location.
  • The applicant's photo must be clear, up to date and with a white background. The size must not exceed 5 megabytes.
  • Attach a copy of the original passport in jpeg format. (The original passport should be sent when receiving the new one, or when the mission requests it.)
  • Attach a copy of letter of introduction. (A work certificate if the citizen is an employee or from the cultural mission if the citizen is a scholarship student or from the university if the citizen is studying at his own expense or from the hospital if the citizen is being treated.)
  • Attach a copy of residence or study ID.
  • Attach a copy of the national ID ( or a written explanation on why it's not provided) and attach it to the additional section.
  • The applicant may ask the mission to return the original passport and documents after comparison, if needed. However, the original passport must be returned to the mission (to puncture and stamp it with a cancellation seal) upon receiving the new passport.
  •  Failure to attach the required documents risks your request of being delayed or not accepted.
  • The required attached document must be no bigger than 2 MB and the format: JPG, JPEG, PNG, TIF, BMP, PDF.
  • The presence of the applicant may be requested or the legal guardian.
  • Attach a copy of the guardian's consent if there are minors.
  • Attach custody papers, if in the custody of the mother.
  • Attach the mother's approval of issuing the passport if she is non-Saudi.
  • Attach a written parental consent and proof of marriage or kinship if the applicant is female or  under the age of 18 (copy of family id and ...).
  • You may attain a laissez-passer if the passport has been expired for more than a year. 
Services and steps
  • ​​Pay passport issuance fee of $ (40.75) USD per person from the Enjaz website through the payment link and keep the reference number (No. Enjaz).
  • Fill in electronically the "passport issuance" application. Enter the reference number (No. Enjaz) in the designated box and attach a personal photo and the required documents.
  • After completing and filling out the form, print it out, sign it and attach it.
  • The system will automatically send an e-mail and text message to confirm the registration process or to report  any other requirements.
  • The applicant may be asked to be present in the specified mission or to send the documents through the post. The applicant may also, request to receive the new documents, once ready, through the post, as described in the general terms and requirements.
  •  It is advised to prepare a personal photo and the required documents before filling out the form. ( You may convert paper documents into electronic files using a scanner).
  • The system allows the beneficiary to query about the course of the transaction stages (what has been done) through the querying link. It also allows assessment of the service through the evaluation link.
  • Noting that the course of action is: open, auditing at the mission, waiting for proof of payment, processing at  the Ministry,  waiting for others reply, being sent to the mission through the post, waiting for the citizen to receive the document from the mission, and complete. In special cases, they may be (awaiting the completion of requirements, pending sending the documents, and canceled).
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