​The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has strong political and economic relations with Malaysia based on mutual respect and common interests.

According to the latest statistics, the trade exchange between the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Malaysia reached SR. 12.589 million in 2015, compared to SR. 16.038 million in 2014 and Saudi's exports to Malaysia reached SR. 7.894 million in 2015 while imports from Malaysia to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia reached SR 5.250 million in 2014, whereas they amounted to SR 4.694 million in 2015.

Saudi commodity exports to Malaysia have concentrated on crude oil and its products, Polypropylene and others, while TV and video devices are among the most prominent imports from Malaysia to the Saudi market.

The joint projects between the two countries amounted in the middle of the year 1436 AH to (47) projects including (38) service and (9) industrial projects, and their invested total funds amounted to (1379.2) million, the share of the Saudi side represents an amount of (541.2) million and the share of the Malaysian partner represents an amount of SR (639.8) million and the remaining for other partners.

There are also a number of trade and economic agreements between the two countries including:

1.Framework cooperation agreement in trade, economic and technical fields (1975 G.).

2. Double taxation avoidance agreement (2006).

3. Promotion and protection investment agreement signed in Kuala Lumpur on 28 July 1421 AH.