Your Excellency, Mr. Mauro Vieira 
Your Excellency Secretary General of the League of Arab States 
Your Excellencies, Ladies and Gentlemen, 

 at the Utmost of my speech  I would like welcome you at the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to participate in the 4th Summit of  Arab and South American countries. And I hope that the meeting will be crowned with success and strengthen relations between the groups and support the cooperation initiated in the previous 3 Summits.

Your Excellencies, 
 The first summit, held in Brasilia, in May 2005, launched a partnership and cooperation between the two groups, and that was what has been sought to be achieved, in the summits of Doha and Lima, in order to achieve the growing progress in terms of trade, size of investment, intra-trade and work to develop the role of sea and air links between the two regions, to achieve this goal.
The last Arab Ministerial Meeting at its (144) session, was keen to strengthen cooperation between the two groups, in various fields and participate in all activities and meetings to be held.

Distinguished Guests, 

Geographical dimension in the past, formed a barrier to the development of relations between the two groups, but that the information revolution has enabled our people to understand and know each other's culture, while the boom of communications has brought distances closer and facilitated mobility among ourselves, this is in addition to the common denominators, led by the human values and moral concepts that represent a solid foundation of any relationship, and, furthermore, the common religious and cultural values and family ties to Arab families migrating to Latin America.
All these facts would remove any obstacles, he remarked, to increase the promising opportunities between the two sides, especially in the light of the great potential we enjoy, which urges us to increase trade and investment between us, in many areas of mutual cooperation.

Your Excellencies 

The importance of crystallizing a strong and effective partnership between the Arab world and South American countries, which not only benefits both sides, but extends also to the international sustainable development service plan, within the framework of multilateral cooperation under the umbrella of international legitimacy, through consolidating principles of the United Nations' Charter.
The Arab economy, despite being a developing one, has contributed to help the least developed countries in the world. For example,Saudi Arabia's economy, which is a major part of the global economy among the top 20 countries, contributed, in particular, a total aid and soft loans to developing countries and least developed countries, worth more than $120 billion, over the past three decades.

Distinguished Guests, 

I must note the conformity of points of view between the two sides, on many issues and questions, particularly the support of the South American countries of Arab just causes, indicating in the same context that the Arab side is always working to support these countries, in many issues.
Praising in this regard the positive attitudes of the South American countries, friendly to the Palestinian issue and recognizing establishing the State of Palestine on the borders of 1967, he expressed hope that it would contribute to the broad international recognition of the State of Palestine, in bolstering the peace process to achieve a just, lasting and comprehensive peace objectives.

Finally, I would like toThank the participants in the fourth summit, wishing them all success in achieving the aspired goals, visions, common ambitions and more constructive cooperation, between Arab and South American countries.