In The meeting of senior officials at the State preparatory to the summit and the fourth Ministries of Arab and South American countries

In The Name of Allah, The Most Beneficent, The Most Merciful

Excellencies, Ladies and Gentlemen Distinguished guests,

At the outset, I am pleased to welcome you in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to participate in the 4th  Summit of Arab and South American countries, praying to Allah Almighty to crown the work and the results of this meeting with success, to consolidate and strengthen relations between the two groups and to continue the process of joint cooperation adopted by the previous three summits.

Your Excellencies Ladies and Gentlemen, distinguished guests,

we in Saudi Arabia, with our brothers in the Arab states, are aware of the importance of our relations with our friends from the South American countries. we are satisfied at the level of compatibility and convergence of views on many international issues. We commend the positive, pro Arab position of South American-countries. In time where Arab countries support issues concerning our friends in Latin America, and for this our previous meetings gives a clear indication of both party's willingness and a sense of importance of these relations.

Dear Brothers, 

In front of us now, and after the previous meetings held in Cairo some paragraphs that need to be revisited and is still pending, i ask everyone to start discussing these paragraphs as what was previously agreed upon does not need to be reviewed. If this proposal is acceptable to everyone I see that we shall start with the first paragraph.