​Speech by Dr. Riyad  Al Malki

Minister of Foreign Affairs of the State of Palestine

at the Opening of the 4th Summit for Arab and South American Countries


Your Excellency, Brother, Adel Al-Jubeir Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Your Excellency, Mauro Vieira, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Brazil

Your Excellencies, Dr. Nabil El-Arabi, Secretary-General of the League of Arab States

Your Excellencies ,Ministers and Gentlemen,

At the beginning allow me to deeply thank the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques, King Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud for the hospitality, warm reception and distinguished arrangements for the 4th Summit of Arab and South American Countries.

This summit hosted by Riyadh is begin held as the region and the world go through special condition and as the participant countries represent a very important, vital and effective regions in the international system, which would result in coming up with prospective and decisions making that will subside the tension and instability in the region and restrain uncontrolled terrorism. That beside establishing solid foundations for building real partnerships between the two groups where political coordination, economic cooperation and partnership as well as cultural communication, development and investment are some of its most important billers and goals.

The heritage of the Arab and South American civilizations; the history, relationships, friendship, cultural mix and the great economic strength of both regions provide a basis for an effective and important steps to be taken later at all levels and various aspects that will contribute to achieving the goals of the forum and benefit the peoples of the two regions. Especially to take advantage of the large and strong human element of Arab origin in that continent to be a bridge between the two groups and speed up cooperation and partnership agreements.

Your Excellencies the Minister,

I came from Palestine yesterday, I barely made it as the occupying forces hindered my journey due to the escalated Israeli procedures against the Palestinians and against all attempts to achieving a political solution to the Israeli Palestinian conflict, and implementing two-states solution, upon which agreed the whole world as the most realistic solution to solve the long lasting conflict.

Palestine as you all have seen and know is witnessing an Unprecedented wave of Israeli procedures and aggression, let alone the settlements that violates all international laws and pose as an obstacle in the face of the solution.

In field killing and execution operations, committed not only by the Israeli forces but also by the settlers, reveal the closed Israeli mindset that disclaims all signed agreements between the two sides and gives clear signals that Israel is not interested in the peace process which will lead to frustration and depression among Palestinian people, a people who has the right and ambition to rid of this occupation which is the root of this problem.

Up to this moment, more than 80 people were martyred, one thirds of them were children, most of them were executed in the field and before TV cameras, defying all international laws and norms as well as Geneva convention (IV) and International Human Law. Israel attempt to change the realty in Al Aqsa mosque, will take us from political confrontation to religious confrontation in addition to the ongoing threats to Al Aqsa mosque.

Above all, as the Palestinian authority and President Mahmoud Abbas were given all of the possible opportunity to establish just peace to all people and the countries of the region, we stress our right and the right of our people to hold on to their land and their legitimate right of establishing the State of Palestine with East Jerusalem as the capital. Faced with this reality president, Mahmoud Abbas demanded the international protection for the Palestinians and his land. We hope that you would support this orientation in the security council and other international Forums.

Your Excellenies, Minsters and Heads of Delegations,

In this occasion I would like to express bride in most of your countries position to recognize the state of Palestine. And I hope that the rest will follow. Because this recognition, will contribute in promoting Arab –South American relations, it also makes for an encoring step to move forward with peace process, and expand the international team that supports this process. Palestine seeks to have existence in all south American countries by opening Embassies and establishing representations, In implementation of previous sessions decisions.

In this occasion I would like to value the position of of the south American countries towards the struggle and rights of our people, where we always find support in all international gatherings and forums. Most recent of which was supporting the decision of rising the flag of the State of Palestine, as the other member states of the UN.

In conclusion, please accept my best wishes of success for this summit as it is the most important station on the road to achieving the objectives of this forum, which move with a confident and strong will of the leaders of both Groups.