​Speech by His Excellency Dr. Nabil El- Araby

Secretary-General of The League of Arab States

at the Opening of the 4th Summit for Arab and South American Countries

Your Excellency, Adel Al-Jubeir, Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Your Excellency, Mauro Vieira, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Brazil

Your Excellencies, the Ministers

Your Excellencies , the Ambassadors,

Ladies and Gentlemen,

I am Pleased to participate again in the meeting of Arab and South American Countries Foreign Ministers for the 4th Summit to be held tomorrow, for which the Kingdom of Said Arabia Provided all capabilities to ensure its success, we thank Foreign Minister Adel Al-Jubeir, the Government and the people of Saudi Arabia for the hospitality.

Mr. Chairman, we hope that this Summit is a turning point in the cooperation journey started with the first Summit in Brasilia in 2005 to establish relations between Arab and south American countries, historical relations deep rotted reality go back to history drawn by Andalusia civilization and commonalities represented by common views and mutual respect to International system rules and United Nations Charter.

This Relation was embodied in common support for the Palestinian case, all of this build a bridge of cultural communication between people of both regions.

The Progress achieved in previous sessions for the past 10 years since the first summit in Brasilia in 2005, made them one of the successful examples in the field of cooperation between regional blocks.

In the Follow up of Lima summit resolutions, the sectorial meeting were intensified to implement the aspects of cooperation where the a meeting on the level of senior official hosted by Secretariat of the League of Arab States . in the field of Economy the United Arab Emirates hosted the 1st joint meeting for Ministers of Energy and the 2nd joint meeting between the national associations on Intellectual property in Rio de Janeiro. The 3rd meeting for Ministers of Economy is scheduled to be held in Bolivia also the 2nd joint meeting for Ministers of environment to be held in Ecuador.

Its noteworthy that on the sideline of the 3rd summit in Lima a cooperation agreement between Arab and South American countries in the fields of Science and Technology to tackle environmental change, Land degradation and desertification, as the two sides agreed to support and implement Land degradation project and provide elements for developing policies to counter desertification. In addition to many other meetings in culture, social and economic cooperation.

Mr. Chairman,

The 4th meeting of Arab and South American businessmen was held yesterday, which is one of the cooperation outcomes. holding such events creates a wide opportunity for businessmen from both regions to explore the most significant investment opportunity available in the other region. Yesterday the Forum addressed Cooperation and integration strategies between Arab and South American countries in various fields of agriculture, food, Maritime transport, Logistic services, tourism and Financial services as well as successful experiences in the field of joint projects. The forum has come with a number of recommendations the most important of which is establishing joint private company for Maritime transport and another joint private company for logistic services.

There has been an agreement on expanding the executive coordination group to include troika of Arab and South American countries which are the host countries of previous current and upcoming session. in addition to regional coordinators, and to have the authorities needed to continue the implementation of decisions raised from previous session and sectorial meeting as well as to propose new initiative to strengthen relations between the two regions through periodical meetings to coordinate positions and consultation on issue of common interest.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Our meeting today, aims to adopt “Riyadh Declaration” draft with the cooperation work plan for sectorial fields and establishing one view for the final draft to be released from the summit tomorrow.

There is no doubt that the friendly atmosphere that prevailed in the discussions during the senior officials preparatory meeting for the summit in New York, and the meeting of senior officials, which ended its work yesterday are evidence of the entrenched spirit of friendship and cooperation between us. I hope that "Riyadh Declaration" will crystallize a common strategic vision for Cooperation between the two regions. Our goal is to enrich this document with a language and content that reflect the size of the event here.

In conclusion, we have to focus all our efforts on what brings us together and look to the future of this cooperation with strategic vision to support our issues, and take us to the establishment of a constructive partnership with practical payoff that will achieve the interest of the two regions and meet the aspirations of our peoples.