Sunday 2 Ramadan 1438 / 28 May 2017 , Time 05:52 AM Riyadh Local Time
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Service Details

Service Name
Office Authorization on work visa
Service Beneficiaries
Citizen ,Resident , visitor , Government
Service Description
This service aims to request authorization on work visa to bring in people from outside.

The time required to implement the service: 1 business days
NOTE: In exceptional cases, execution of the request may be delayed due to some additional actions​​

Conditions and Requirements
( For individuals )

  1. Access to the site ( )
  2.  Trace the below track: Personal> Visas> Authorizing a work visa.
  3. Follow the instructions of the site

( For Sectors and organizations )

  1.  Access to the site ( ).
  2. Trace the following track organizations> Authorizing a work visa. 
  3. Follow the instructions of the site
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