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Last update on the page 11/08/2015

Minister of Foreign Affairs: The Kingdom's Position Toward Syria will not Change and no Role for Assad in Syria's Future

​His Excellency Foreign Minister Adel bin Ahmed Al-Jubeir, stressed the Saudi Arabia's desire to promote and strengthen bilateral relations with Russia in all fields.

His Excellency said at a joint press conference with Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov after the meeting held by the two sides in Moscow today: "We believe that the relations, particularly economic relations between the two countries are not copying the size of the two economies or their place in the world, therefore the decision was made by the two countries, to promote this relations in all areas whether the in security, military , politicas, economy or education. And the last visit by His Royal Highness Prince Mohammed bin Salman bin Abdulaziz, Deputy Crown prince , Second Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of defense to Russia was pivotal in laying the foundations for these relations between the two countries. "

His Excellency explained that Lavrov expressed interest in signing a number of agreements, as well as a number of other agreements that will be signed in the near future.

His Excellency said that there are many interests combining the two countries weather regarding the situation in the region in general, in the field of energy and oil or in the field of agriculture and other areas.

Al-Jubeir described his talks with Russian Foreign Minister as inclusive, open and clear in all the subjects raised, noting that there is still some things that require further consideration in the future and the kingdom is looking forward to that.

He pointed out that he discussed with his Russian counterpart, the Syrian crisis and the importance of finding a political solution, saying that the Kingdom's position toward Syria will not change and it is based on a peaceful solution under the Geneva Declaration (1), and no role for Assad in Syria's future, giving the importance of maintaining the government and military institutions After al-Assad, to preserve Syria.

His Excellency stressed that any expectations, statements or remarks regarding Saudi Arabia's wavering stance towards Syria are null and void, noting that his talks with Lavrov, stress the importance of uniting the ranks of Syrian opposition to come up with one vision for the future of Syria and start the peace process under the Geneva Declaration (1) and looked forward to more consultations in the near future .

Al-Jubeir also pointed out at the conference to the situation in Iraq and the importance of implementing reforms that wasn agreed upon last summer in order to ensure the rights of all different sects, and to pull the rug from under "Daash" terrorist organization.

He said that the talks also addressed the situation in Yemen, indicating the importance of non- conditional implementation of the resolution number 2216 to pull Yemen out of its crisis experienced and to intensify efforts to provide humanitarian aids.

Regarding the peace process in the Middle East Al-Jubeir said there was an agreement and mutual understanding on the necessity of finding a solution to this long-standing dispute on the basis of the Arab peace initiative, and we discussed some ideas as to how to re-activate the peace process in this regard. And he expressed appreciation of Saudi Arabia and the Arab countries to Russia's position over more than sixty years in support of the brotherly Palestinian people.

As he mentioned the Foreign Minister the talks addressed the aspects of combating terrorism and extremism and means of cooperation in security and other areas.

He pointed out that the talks also addressed the nuclear agreements between countries of the Convention (5 +1) and Iran and the next steps in this regard.

The Minister of Foreign Affairs described the meeting with Russian Foreign Minister as positive, constructive and fruitful .

The Russian foreign minister for his part, stressed the need for concerted efforts to fight "Daash" and other terrorist organizations not only for Russia, but the Kingdom and the world alike.

Lavrov referred to the meeting between Russian President Vladimir Putin and His Royal Highness Prince Mohammed bin Salman bin Abdulaziz, Deputy Crown Prince , Second Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Defense in St. Petersburg last July, he said” the two sides confirmed the need to combine efforts to fight terrorism”

He continued: We will continue to discuss this initiative, we have discussed some of the points and the future application of this initiative, and I am sure that this debate will continue.

He indicated that Despite divergence in the points of view between the two countries on the application of Geneva Declaration, I can say that most of the Russian positions and Saudi Arabia do match.

The Russian minister said, "After all we have agreed to continue to think about the steps must be taken to create favorable conditions for dialogue between the Syrian government and the Syrian opposition of all stripes.”

Lavrov said " We discussed the situation in Yemen, where a ceasefire and a political dialogue are becoming increasingly important. We have apprised our guests of the contacts between Russia and representatives of the Yemeni groups designed to assist UN Secretary General’s Special Envoy for Yemen Ismail Ould Cheikh Ahmed in resuming talks based on the UN Security Council’s resolutions.”

He continued: " We shared our opinions about other hot spots in the region, including Iraq and Libya. We are on the same page on these issues as well.”

Regarding the achievement of an agreement on the Iranian nuclear programme, we have expressed hope that this new environment will be conducive to further efforts on establishing a constructive dialogue between all Gulf countries, including the Arab states and the Islamic Republic of Iran. We hope that as the parties are moving toward such a dialogue, they will take into account the provisions of the Russian concept of security in the Gulf region, which we have been promoting in our contacts with our partners, including the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC), for a few years now.

He added “In addition to the international issues, we have examined in detail our current bilateral relations, which received a strong impetus during Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman’s visit to Russia in June, which I already mentioned. We exchanged views on what needs to be done to implement the agreements reached during the visit, including in power engineering, the peaceful use of nuclear energy, investment cooperation, and joint projects in agriculture and civil construction.”

“We highly appreciate the importance that His Majesty King Salman and other senior Saudi leaders accord to promoting relations with Russia. We have confirmed the invitation extended by President Putin to the King of Saudi Arabia to visit Russia at a convenient time. We are convinced that such a visit will provide an additional impetus to all areas of our partnership with Saudi Arabia.”

At the conclusion of the press conference, the two ministers answered a number of questions by journalists addressed a number of international and regional affairs.